Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Every Shot Counts

There are certain pictures that are iconic of the wedding photographer. Each photographer has his or her own unique style of capturing shots of wedding cakes, brides and grooms holding hands, flowers, beaches, churches, and more, all of which are commonplace among the professional community. Due to this, wedding albums are consistently populated with these traditional shots. What about the more subtle pictures or the ones which say more about you and your wedding party? Do you want a photographer who sticks to the basics or someone who’s willing to think outside the box?

When it comes to group shots, ceremony shots and even reception shots, you can count on a photographer to be there, in most cases choreographing the action before them, insisting that the groomsmen relax during that “casual” photo shoot up on the hill, or telling the brides maids to group together as if they’re taking a high school yearbook picture. What you won’t always see is a photographer who is “free roaming” and capturing shots of the family, friends and other candid moments photojournalistically. You will see this with Atlantic Coast Entertainment Photographers because they frame each shot thoughtfully to add an artistic, elegant touch to your event.

A.C.E. photographers have a wealth of experience, working at venues big and small. They’ve been to events at the majestic Saint Clement’s Castle, as well as unique locations like Lake of Isles in North Stonington CT, the Mystic Aquarium in Mystic CT, Saybrook Point Inn & Spa in Old Saybrook, CT, Water’s Edge Resort in Westbrook, CT, the Port N Starboard in New London, CT and the Great Neck Country Club in Waterford, CT and TheVenice in Westerly, RI just to name a few. Each venue presents its own opportunities and challenges. Whether you’re having your ceremony outdoors, in a church or in the reception hall, Atlantic Coast Entertainment Photographers have seen it all. A.C.E. knows how to capture the moment, leaving you with breathtaking photos for your wedding album. For example, imagine an photo album of your wedding at Latitude 41 in Mysic CT, filled with not only your amazing photos of the newlyweds, bridal party, family and friends but also photos of the glorious shoreline, the seagulls congregating on the beach and all the little details of the New England scenery around you.

Additionally, A.C.E. photographers are attentive and ready for whatever happens. They will capture the candids that you may have missed during the excitement of your wedding day. This includes shots like the ones of your young nieces and nephews playing in the flowers before the ceremony, or your fiance'  preparations before the event. The photographers at A.C.E., always have an eye on what is happening at any given time, and they understand that every shot counts when it comes to your wedding reception. With a great professional photographer and just a little luck, you may find yourself the star of a timeless wedding photo featuring a cameo appearance by a curious beluga whale, that memorable kiss at sunset, or even your well planned escape to your honeymoon destination as you walk down the row of your guests holding giant sparklers.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Song Selection

With so many popular songs out today, it seems there’s always something that’s out to express the way you feel on any given day. Due to this, bridal magazines and the wedding world at large will always try to recommend songs to you that say “perfect wedding”. Train’s “Marry Me” served as a popular first dance song in many cases, and can be a very effective song to open with, but maybe it’s not what you’re looking for. Furthermore, maybe you and your other half aren’t interested in a “one size fits all” playlist for your wedding and reception. In revisiting previous thoughts on meeting with a DJ, make sure not to overlook arguably their most important asset to you at your event – their music. This isn’t to say that a DJ with a lot of music is necessarily a right fit, either, but just keep in mind that most couples can’t be summed up with a “quintessential” power ballad, rock song or soothing melody. You should aim for a wedding playlist that is uniquely you, and that describes the special kind of love you have with your future spouse.

Many special first dances use songs that couples first heard when meeting, or maybe one of the first songs they danced to. Everyone has their own specific attachments to songs from their past and they can often be more effective than using a well-known pop song. But what about before the dancing even begins? All too often, you’ll hear slow, quiet jazz music that sucks the energy out of the room during dinner. A touch of elegance is great, but a DJ who puts in a predictable CD mix of instrumental elevator style music isn’t going to inspire much excitement during your dinner or cocktail hour. If it’s not the kind of music you enjoyed listening to in your car, or at lunch or dinner, why have it at your wedding?

Atlantic Coast Entertainment believes that song selection is one of those subtle details that can dramatically impact your wedding reception and it will in some ways express your feelings of love as a couple to those around you. Music is a significant part of our lives, as we’re exposed to it on a daily basis and were most likely brought up in families who had their own unique tastes. Music creates the atmosphere, energy and mood of an entire room and has the ability to take us back to that first time we heard it. Your wedding should serve as one of those irreplaceable moments in your life. This is why the perfect playlist will reflect that with the uniquely electric energy that drew you to each other.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Extra Features For Your Wedding Video

All DVDs come with “extra features” these days, so why not add something extra special to your wedding video? Atlantic Coast Entertainment Videographers are very thorough in their capturing of the day’s events at your reception, but not every wedding is the same, so do you want your wedding video to be just like all the others?

Atlantic Coast Entertainment offers many choices to customize your videos, with something called “A Touch of Romance”. This includes a series of shots between you and your beloved, holding hands, getting into (and leaving) your limousine, and short, personal moments that you’ll love to cherish years down the road. ACE Videographers blend seamlessly into your photo shoot: during cocktail hour, so you’ll never feel pressured or interrupted while enjoying the natural flow of your reception with your friends or family. In addition to this, there is no end to what A.C.E. could capture for you! They offer pre-ceremony shots (footage of your bridal party preparing for the big day, shots of guests arriving, etc.) as well as quality establishing shots so that your wedding’s venue, guest list, and atmosphere are as poignant as they were the day of your wedding.

The customary toast seen at many wedding receptions is usually a “feel good” moment, in which your best friends, brothers, sisters, relatives and others share in your joy before kicking off dinner. A.C.E.’s skilled videographers take this concept further with a feature known as “video memories”. In these short clips, all of your friends and family are given an opportunity to chime in on their feelings about your special day, sharing words of wisdom and more for you and your spouse in the years to come. This is an extremely effective way to end your video and to share in some candid, heartfelt moments expressed by the most important and influential people in your life. Video memories are one of those things that may seem extraneous at the time of your event, but they can possibly become the moments that lead you to laugh and cry when revisiting your wedding video, months or even years down the road.

Whether you’re looking for the most sentimental or cinematic depiction of your wedding reception, Atlantic Coast Entertainment has you covered and will work with you to tailor the perfect video for your needs.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Meeting With Your DJ

Earlier, I mentioned that a DJ's personality is arguably the most valuable thing they can bring to your wedding. In some cases, you may meet your prospective DJ or entertainer at a CT bridal show or expo, but in many cases, you may be searching elsewhere and it is important that in one way or another, you meet with them in person. Why? Your wedding reception is the most important day of your life, and you want to be reminded of that every step of the way. To ensure that, you should feel comfortable with all aspects of your wedding: the venue, the catering, the florists, and the DJs. In many ways, the DJ is your “field general” on the day of your reception. They can make sure that everything stays orderly and simultaneously inject life into your party. You don’t necessarily need to pay top dollar for those skills, but regardless, you should meet with your entertainer in person.

If there is a company you are thinking of booking with that only meets with clients after a deposit or paid commitment, you may want to reconsider your decision. Atlantic Coast Entertainment’s DJs will meet with you for free, and make recommendations on how to improve your special day. They won’t make you feel uncomfortable or as if you’re at a car dealership, being persuaded to buy. More importantly, they’re knowledgeable and realize that not every wedding is the same. A lot goes on at a wedding reception that goes unnoticed by most party guests. Things such as the bridal party’s introductions, cake cutting, formal photo shoots, specialty dances and more are choreographed beforehand with the entertainer to give them a seamless feel. This is where some DJs differ, as some will prefer to use their microphone to coordinate action on the fly, in an attempt to be spontaneous. This doesn’t usually go over well, and can make a mess of things if your DJ seems to be “flying by the seat of their pants”. A quality entertainer will make this an easier experience for you because they will not only play the music you want (and exclude the songs from your “DO NOT PLAY” list) but they will lead you through a scheduled, organized wedding reception with no unpleasant surprises. 

Atlantic Coast Entertainment also offers a handy reception schedule on their website: . This is a great way to lay out your plans in advance; who you’d like introduced in the bridal party and how many special events you’d like to include. Your A.C.E. Entertainer may be able to make recommendations on venues in CT that they’ve worked at and experienced first hand.

Meeting with your entertainer should be similar to a relaxed business meeting. It should be relaxed, interesting and engaging. Once you’ve decided on someone whose personality fits your needs, make sure they’re well acquainted with the wedding traditions, different types of introductions, and party music which will be guaranteed to be a hit with all of your party. A.C.E.Entertainers are unique because they are not only familiar with the tried and true wedding traditions, but they are inventive and able to create fun, innovative situations for your guests. Imagine you and your spouse entering to a dramatic “Star Wars” Introduction, or perhaps a dramatic superhero type build-up complete with spotlights and your monogram for all to see. These are just some of the options you’ll find from the quality DJs at Atlantic CoastEntertainment. These skills, tricks and (most importantly) personalities are always on display at CT bridal shows from Lake of Isles in Ledyard, CT to expos in Hartford CT, or the Mystic Marriott, to name a few. Additionally, A.C.E.Entertainers can provide music and sound for your ceremony if necessary.

Hopefully these tips will help you make the best choice possible for your special day. Out of all the research you can do on a DJ foryour wedding, the most important piece is simply taking aside an hour or so to meet in person. You’ll realize pretty fast if an entertainer is a match for you based on their ever important first impressions on you.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Choosing Your DJ

Atlantic Coast Entertainment thinks that choosing the right entertainment for your wedding is the cornerstone to a successful event. How big of a role does an entertainer play in the success of your wedding reception? Certainly a much larger role than many would think. A DJ doesn't just provide background music, announcements and lighting for your party. The right entertainer sets the mood of the entire evening, bringing energy and atmosphere into your reception. The following are questions you should ask yourself before booking your entertainment. These could make the difference between a mediocre reception and a truly memorable evening.

Does your prospective entertainer have professional equipment? While an entertainer’s gear isn’t their most important asset, the DJ’s setup should speak to the present ability of the performer. Think about it. Do you really want your main entertainment to show up carrying a boom box, iPod and set of consumer speakers? Of course not. A professional entertainer will be equipped with powered speakers, mixing board, wireless microphones (which are always tested to ensure a successful toast) and a light show to energize your dance floor. More importantly, however is that the right entertainer will possess the know-how to make it all work. A professional entertainer will fit seamlessly into your reception because their choice of music, MC skills, and attention to detail will accentuate your perfect day without being intrusive or overbearing.

Keeping this in mind, a DJ provides more than music and lights. It is crucial that you meet with your entertainer prior to booking them. The main reason for this is to get to know their personality. A set of high grade speakers and a dazzling light show is great, but if your DJ is just standing like a rock in the corner, it could be difficult to get the party started. More likely than not, there will be several things to prepare and manage before and during your wedding reception. The right DJ will ensure that things run more smoothly. To make sure you’re getting the right person for the job, you should meet beforehand with your entertainer and test their knowledge of all things wedding related. Are they familiar with wedding traditions, such as a bouquet/garter toss, cake cutting, dollar dance and anniversary dance? Do they seem outgoing and knowledgeable about music in general? While many DJ’s will stay up to date with current music, it’s important not to forget that many timeless party songs and different styles of music can really liven up the evening. If your entertainer is only versed in Top 40, or conversely, only relegated to one style of music, that could be a red flag that they’re not carrying a wide selection of songs for your event.

Of course, not every wedding reception is the same and not every couple is the same, so different entertainers will be better suited to do different jobs. Is your prospective entertainer a single outfit running out of his/her parents’ basement? Or are they part of a larger company with more options to offer? If the latter is the case, you’re more likely to find a perfect match for your event than if you stick with a single personality with questionable credentials.

How To Enhance Your Picture Perfect Day

Wedding photography has become a huge business, both in CT and nationally. Due to this fact, it can seem overwhelming to pick one professional over another. All professionals have cameras, many are seasoned veterans and the majority will make promises about how they can capture your special day unlike anyone else. Sometimes, what it comes down to is enhancements that separate the amateurs from the professionals.

For an example, a developing trend in wedding parties (that has varying degrees of success) is photo booths. Photo booths have some advantages in that they are low pressure situations; your guests can elect to have candid shots taken during dinner or they can ignore it altogether. They’re a great way to garner more excitement from your wedding party and get some memorable shots of your friends at their most casual. However, photo booths can get admittedly gimmicky and become a hindrance if they are too much of a distraction when you’d rather get out on the dance floor and have a great time. For that reason, many photo booths don’t last the length of your event and will be taken away well before the festivities start, to keep the focus where it should be. Additionally, another pitfall of photo booths is amateur photographers, so make sure if you do go with one, that you have someone who knows their stuff and won’t keep your guests out of the party for excessive amounts of time while they figure out how to work the thing.

Lastly, one thing is true of all professional photographers. There will be a LOT of pictures from your wedding reception. Does this mean you want all the pictures? Probably not. The reason why professionals take so many pictures during the course of your party is to select and highlight the best ones for you. Those will be the pictures you and your spouse will be viewing for years to come, reminiscing and marveling over how spectacular and stellar your special day was. In many cases there are literally hundreds (or even thousands) of pictures from your wedding day, so to ensure maximum quality, many professional companies (including Atlantic Coast Photography) will edit your photos into a concise and gorgeous photo album. These albums aren’t the kind of thing you find in Wal-Mart either. A.C.E. photographers will take the time and effort to custom fit your album with the best photos and produce a finely crafted album that you’ll be delighted to display on your mantle for years to come. They’ll also be glad to compile your greatest moments into a DVD slideshow with music of your choice, with breathtaking clarity and flawless transitions and style.

Your wedding photos are more than just pictures – they are a sacred keepsake and should be represented as such. Atlantic Coast Photography in particular has their unique, finely crafted albums on display for previewing at their appearances in CT bridal shows. This is one way you can see firsthand why the finishing touches are the most important.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Movie Magic

Atlantic Coast Entertainment believes that Wedding Videography is a very technical affair and while it is a service offered by many, not all Videography is equal in its quality, standards or craft. Much like photography, the order of the day with Videography is capturing every moment possible in a tasteful, artistic manner. With Smartphones and video cameras being available to more than ever, what makes a professional stand out from the crowd of amateur paparazzi? Simply put, it’s their experience, thoughtful shot selection and execution which ensures quality wedding videos when it’s all said and done. A perfect wedding video will bring your day to life each time you watch it, inspiring feelings of nostalgia and reminding you of how special it truly was.

The key to professional Videography is shot setup and execution. Proficient professionals work in teams, with tri-pods and equipment that ensures free roaming video with minimal to no shakiness. We’ve all been on YouTube and seen amateur footage of wedding receptions where the crowd blocks your view or the frame won’t stop moving. Your wedding is more special than that and the right Videography makes you, your wedding party, your family and friends the focus. Additionally, attention to detail and extra touches are what make your video high quality. Establishing shots of your venue, your friends and family during candid moments and your arrival displayed in stunning high definition is what will take your production to the next level.

Think about an artistic or emotionally moving film you may have seen recently. Successful cinema can have a profound effect which resonates with its viewers. Now imagine if that cinematic production was actually your event, a true documented story with yourself and your party as co-stars. Many professionals can attain this effect with editing options that bring together your footage and fitting music to bring that extra touch to your video.

In addition to capturing formal events during your day, many videographers will work with your photographers to capture special requested shots during your reception. It adds an extra touch of romance to your video without feeling forced. If you want your wedding day to truly “come to life” with a little extra pop, you’ll want to ensure you’re hiring a top notch video team.