Sunday, July 28, 2013

Extra Features For Your Wedding Video

All DVDs come with “extra features” these days, so why not add something extra special to your wedding video? Atlantic Coast Entertainment Videographers are very thorough in their capturing of the day’s events at your reception, but not every wedding is the same, so do you want your wedding video to be just like all the others?

Atlantic Coast Entertainment offers many choices to customize your videos, with something called “A Touch of Romance”. This includes a series of shots between you and your beloved, holding hands, getting into (and leaving) your limousine, and short, personal moments that you’ll love to cherish years down the road. ACE Videographers blend seamlessly into your photo shoot: during cocktail hour, so you’ll never feel pressured or interrupted while enjoying the natural flow of your reception with your friends or family. In addition to this, there is no end to what A.C.E. could capture for you! They offer pre-ceremony shots (footage of your bridal party preparing for the big day, shots of guests arriving, etc.) as well as quality establishing shots so that your wedding’s venue, guest list, and atmosphere are as poignant as they were the day of your wedding.

The customary toast seen at many wedding receptions is usually a “feel good” moment, in which your best friends, brothers, sisters, relatives and others share in your joy before kicking off dinner. A.C.E.’s skilled videographers take this concept further with a feature known as “video memories”. In these short clips, all of your friends and family are given an opportunity to chime in on their feelings about your special day, sharing words of wisdom and more for you and your spouse in the years to come. This is an extremely effective way to end your video and to share in some candid, heartfelt moments expressed by the most important and influential people in your life. Video memories are one of those things that may seem extraneous at the time of your event, but they can possibly become the moments that lead you to laugh and cry when revisiting your wedding video, months or even years down the road.

Whether you’re looking for the most sentimental or cinematic depiction of your wedding reception, Atlantic Coast Entertainment has you covered and will work with you to tailor the perfect video for your needs.


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