Friday, July 26, 2013

Meeting With Your DJ

Earlier, I mentioned that a DJ's personality is arguably the most valuable thing they can bring to your wedding. In some cases, you may meet your prospective DJ or entertainer at a CT bridal show or expo, but in many cases, you may be searching elsewhere and it is important that in one way or another, you meet with them in person. Why? Your wedding reception is the most important day of your life, and you want to be reminded of that every step of the way. To ensure that, you should feel comfortable with all aspects of your wedding: the venue, the catering, the florists, and the DJs. In many ways, the DJ is your “field general” on the day of your reception. They can make sure that everything stays orderly and simultaneously inject life into your party. You don’t necessarily need to pay top dollar for those skills, but regardless, you should meet with your entertainer in person.

If there is a company you are thinking of booking with that only meets with clients after a deposit or paid commitment, you may want to reconsider your decision. Atlantic Coast Entertainment’s DJs will meet with you for free, and make recommendations on how to improve your special day. They won’t make you feel uncomfortable or as if you’re at a car dealership, being persuaded to buy. More importantly, they’re knowledgeable and realize that not every wedding is the same. A lot goes on at a wedding reception that goes unnoticed by most party guests. Things such as the bridal party’s introductions, cake cutting, formal photo shoots, specialty dances and more are choreographed beforehand with the entertainer to give them a seamless feel. This is where some DJs differ, as some will prefer to use their microphone to coordinate action on the fly, in an attempt to be spontaneous. This doesn’t usually go over well, and can make a mess of things if your DJ seems to be “flying by the seat of their pants”. A quality entertainer will make this an easier experience for you because they will not only play the music you want (and exclude the songs from your “DO NOT PLAY” list) but they will lead you through a scheduled, organized wedding reception with no unpleasant surprises. 

Atlantic Coast Entertainment also offers a handy reception schedule on their website: . This is a great way to lay out your plans in advance; who you’d like introduced in the bridal party and how many special events you’d like to include. Your A.C.E. Entertainer may be able to make recommendations on venues in CT that they’ve worked at and experienced first hand.

Meeting with your entertainer should be similar to a relaxed business meeting. It should be relaxed, interesting and engaging. Once you’ve decided on someone whose personality fits your needs, make sure they’re well acquainted with the wedding traditions, different types of introductions, and party music which will be guaranteed to be a hit with all of your party. A.C.E.Entertainers are unique because they are not only familiar with the tried and true wedding traditions, but they are inventive and able to create fun, innovative situations for your guests. Imagine you and your spouse entering to a dramatic “Star Wars” Introduction, or perhaps a dramatic superhero type build-up complete with spotlights and your monogram for all to see. These are just some of the options you’ll find from the quality DJs at Atlantic CoastEntertainment. These skills, tricks and (most importantly) personalities are always on display at CT bridal shows from Lake of Isles in Ledyard, CT to expos in Hartford CT, or the Mystic Marriott, to name a few. Additionally, A.C.E.Entertainers can provide music and sound for your ceremony if necessary.

Hopefully these tips will help you make the best choice possible for your special day. Out of all the research you can do on a DJ foryour wedding, the most important piece is simply taking aside an hour or so to meet in person. You’ll realize pretty fast if an entertainer is a match for you based on their ever important first impressions on you.

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