Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How To Enhance Your Picture Perfect Day

Wedding photography has become a huge business, both in CT and nationally. Due to this fact, it can seem overwhelming to pick one professional over another. All professionals have cameras, many are seasoned veterans and the majority will make promises about how they can capture your special day unlike anyone else. Sometimes, what it comes down to is enhancements that separate the amateurs from the professionals.

For an example, a developing trend in wedding parties (that has varying degrees of success) is photo booths. Photo booths have some advantages in that they are low pressure situations; your guests can elect to have candid shots taken during dinner or they can ignore it altogether. They’re a great way to garner more excitement from your wedding party and get some memorable shots of your friends at their most casual. However, photo booths can get admittedly gimmicky and become a hindrance if they are too much of a distraction when you’d rather get out on the dance floor and have a great time. For that reason, many photo booths don’t last the length of your event and will be taken away well before the festivities start, to keep the focus where it should be. Additionally, another pitfall of photo booths is amateur photographers, so make sure if you do go with one, that you have someone who knows their stuff and won’t keep your guests out of the party for excessive amounts of time while they figure out how to work the thing.

Lastly, one thing is true of all professional photographers. There will be a LOT of pictures from your wedding reception. Does this mean you want all the pictures? Probably not. The reason why professionals take so many pictures during the course of your party is to select and highlight the best ones for you. Those will be the pictures you and your spouse will be viewing for years to come, reminiscing and marveling over how spectacular and stellar your special day was. In many cases there are literally hundreds (or even thousands) of pictures from your wedding day, so to ensure maximum quality, many professional companies (including Atlantic Coast Photography) will edit your photos into a concise and gorgeous photo album. These albums aren’t the kind of thing you find in Wal-Mart either. A.C.E. photographers will take the time and effort to custom fit your album with the best photos and produce a finely crafted album that you’ll be delighted to display on your mantle for years to come. They’ll also be glad to compile your greatest moments into a DVD slideshow with music of your choice, with breathtaking clarity and flawless transitions and style.

Your wedding photos are more than just pictures – they are a sacred keepsake and should be represented as such. Atlantic Coast Photography in particular has their unique, finely crafted albums on display for previewing at their appearances in CT bridal shows. This is one way you can see firsthand why the finishing touches are the most important.

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