Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Every Shot Counts

There are certain pictures that are iconic of the wedding photographer. Each photographer has his or her own unique style of capturing shots of wedding cakes, brides and grooms holding hands, flowers, beaches, churches, and more, all of which are commonplace among the professional community. Due to this, wedding albums are consistently populated with these traditional shots. What about the more subtle pictures or the ones which say more about you and your wedding party? Do you want a photographer who sticks to the basics or someone who’s willing to think outside the box?

When it comes to group shots, ceremony shots and even reception shots, you can count on a photographer to be there, in most cases choreographing the action before them, insisting that the groomsmen relax during that “casual” photo shoot up on the hill, or telling the brides maids to group together as if they’re taking a high school yearbook picture. What you won’t always see is a photographer who is “free roaming” and capturing shots of the family, friends and other candid moments photojournalistically. You will see this with Atlantic Coast Entertainment Photographers because they frame each shot thoughtfully to add an artistic, elegant touch to your event.

A.C.E. photographers have a wealth of experience, working at venues big and small. They’ve been to events at the majestic Saint Clement’s Castle, as well as unique locations like Lake of Isles in North Stonington CT, the Mystic Aquarium in Mystic CT, Saybrook Point Inn & Spa in Old Saybrook, CT, Water’s Edge Resort in Westbrook, CT, the Port N Starboard in New London, CT and the Great Neck Country Club in Waterford, CT and TheVenice in Westerly, RI just to name a few. Each venue presents its own opportunities and challenges. Whether you’re having your ceremony outdoors, in a church or in the reception hall, Atlantic Coast Entertainment Photographers have seen it all. A.C.E. knows how to capture the moment, leaving you with breathtaking photos for your wedding album. For example, imagine an photo album of your wedding at Latitude 41 in Mysic CT, filled with not only your amazing photos of the newlyweds, bridal party, family and friends but also photos of the glorious shoreline, the seagulls congregating on the beach and all the little details of the New England scenery around you.

Additionally, A.C.E. photographers are attentive and ready for whatever happens. They will capture the candids that you may have missed during the excitement of your wedding day. This includes shots like the ones of your young nieces and nephews playing in the flowers before the ceremony, or your fiance'  preparations before the event. The photographers at A.C.E., always have an eye on what is happening at any given time, and they understand that every shot counts when it comes to your wedding reception. With a great professional photographer and just a little luck, you may find yourself the star of a timeless wedding photo featuring a cameo appearance by a curious beluga whale, that memorable kiss at sunset, or even your well planned escape to your honeymoon destination as you walk down the row of your guests holding giant sparklers.

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  1. memorable kiss at sunset, or even your well planned escape to your honeymoon destination as you walk down the row of your guests holding giant sparklers.