Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Song Selection

With so many popular songs out today, it seems there’s always something that’s out to express the way you feel on any given day. Due to this, bridal magazines and the wedding world at large will always try to recommend songs to you that say “perfect wedding”. Train’s “Marry Me” served as a popular first dance song in many cases, and can be a very effective song to open with, but maybe it’s not what you’re looking for. Furthermore, maybe you and your other half aren’t interested in a “one size fits all” playlist for your wedding and reception. In revisiting previous thoughts on meeting with a DJ, make sure not to overlook arguably their most important asset to you at your event – their music. This isn’t to say that a DJ with a lot of music is necessarily a right fit, either, but just keep in mind that most couples can’t be summed up with a “quintessential” power ballad, rock song or soothing melody. You should aim for a wedding playlist that is uniquely you, and that describes the special kind of love you have with your future spouse.

Many special first dances use songs that couples first heard when meeting, or maybe one of the first songs they danced to. Everyone has their own specific attachments to songs from their past and they can often be more effective than using a well-known pop song. But what about before the dancing even begins? All too often, you’ll hear slow, quiet jazz music that sucks the energy out of the room during dinner. A touch of elegance is great, but a DJ who puts in a predictable CD mix of instrumental elevator style music isn’t going to inspire much excitement during your dinner or cocktail hour. If it’s not the kind of music you enjoyed listening to in your car, or at lunch or dinner, why have it at your wedding?

Atlantic Coast Entertainment believes that song selection is one of those subtle details that can dramatically impact your wedding reception and it will in some ways express your feelings of love as a couple to those around you. Music is a significant part of our lives, as we’re exposed to it on a daily basis and were most likely brought up in families who had their own unique tastes. Music creates the atmosphere, energy and mood of an entire room and has the ability to take us back to that first time we heard it. Your wedding should serve as one of those irreplaceable moments in your life. This is why the perfect playlist will reflect that with the uniquely electric energy that drew you to each other.

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