Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Movie Magic

Atlantic Coast Entertainment believes that Wedding Videography is a very technical affair and while it is a service offered by many, not all Videography is equal in its quality, standards or craft. Much like photography, the order of the day with Videography is capturing every moment possible in a tasteful, artistic manner. With Smartphones and video cameras being available to more than ever, what makes a professional stand out from the crowd of amateur paparazzi? Simply put, it’s their experience, thoughtful shot selection and execution which ensures quality wedding videos when it’s all said and done. A perfect wedding video will bring your day to life each time you watch it, inspiring feelings of nostalgia and reminding you of how special it truly was.

The key to professional Videography is shot setup and execution. Proficient professionals work in teams, with tri-pods and equipment that ensures free roaming video with minimal to no shakiness. We’ve all been on YouTube and seen amateur footage of wedding receptions where the crowd blocks your view or the frame won’t stop moving. Your wedding is more special than that and the right Videography makes you, your wedding party, your family and friends the focus. Additionally, attention to detail and extra touches are what make your video high quality. Establishing shots of your venue, your friends and family during candid moments and your arrival displayed in stunning high definition is what will take your production to the next level.

Think about an artistic or emotionally moving film you may have seen recently. Successful cinema can have a profound effect which resonates with its viewers. Now imagine if that cinematic production was actually your event, a true documented story with yourself and your party as co-stars. Many professionals can attain this effect with editing options that bring together your footage and fitting music to bring that extra touch to your video.

In addition to capturing formal events during your day, many videographers will work with your photographers to capture special requested shots during your reception. It adds an extra touch of romance to your video without feeling forced. If you want your wedding day to truly “come to life” with a little extra pop, you’ll want to ensure you’re hiring a top notch video team.

Picture Perfect

A picture is worth 1,000 words, they say, so what would you like yours to say about your wedding reception? It seems just about every wedding reception these days has a photographer. When you think of wedding photographers (or perhaps photographers in general) you may think of a couple individuals armed with cameras, directing you into place, crowding you and your friends together and forcing you to pose in awkward positions and smile. Much like the entertainer, the photographer brings their own expertise into a party, including their knowledge of shot selection and lighting to ensure the perfect snapshot. It’s very difficult to replicate or substitute for the experience and proficiency of a quality wedding photographer. Setting up a group shot should be enjoyable and provoke interest from your bridal party and your friends.

Atlantic Coast Entertainment understands that wedding photography is one of the most challenging things to capture effectively, but a proficient photographer can make it appear effortless. This is because they’ve attended and shot at many receptions. They know how and where to stage the best pictures. You’re certainly going to want to capture you and your spouses’ portraits for the wedding day, but what about your bridesmaids, groomsman, relatives, friends and the location of your ceremony and reception? These are all key visuals for a spectacular event and won’t be overlooked by a top notch photographer. This is why selecting a great weddingphotographer is crucial if you’d like to remember the best moments of your biggest milestone.

Professional wedding photographers usually work in teams of at least 2 because there’s simply too much going on for one person to capture. They are also attentive at all times, not just recording the obvious moments but the subtleties as well. Be wary, however, of companies (or individuals) with so many cameras and lights that it seems they are always around, perhaps even making guests uncomfortable with their omnipresence. A tactful professional will seamlessly blend into your reception, capturing creative angles of your dance floor (sometimes elevated from the action) and staying just out of reach during an important cake cutting. They won’t be imposing, but they will be present and will capture everything they need to.

While it’s not 100% essential to every photo shoot, several companies and professionals offer post-editing options on your photos and this may be worth looking into. These types of “illustrative” effects can bring your photography into an artistic realm, creating illusions such as you and your spouse dancing in the clouds, or something as simple as de-saturation to the point where only red roses stand out. In these cases, the photos are mindfully edited to say something about the individuals themselves which is why it’s important to have a good rapport with your photographer, before, during and after your event. While your Cousin Ernie may be a “darned good” photographer with a nice camera, it’s hard not to question his credentials for taking on such a challenging job. Remember, your wedding only comes around once, so make sure you’re comfortable with your photographer to ensure you’ll have pictures worth revisiting down the road.